"I happily recommend them to anyone looking for the best accountants and financial advisers available."

    Tom Lazur

    "I have enjoyed over 15 years of friendly, confident and professional service from Cassons."

    Karim Sabry

    "I trust them implicitly to deal with my tax and I know that I would not sleep at night if I didn’t have them looking after it all, especially the VAT!"

    Mark Harper

    "I appointed Cassons as my accountants shortly before I was on my feet. They have provided me with an excellent service, helping me to get all of my paperwork and registrations in order."

    Stephanie Perplus

    "I arrange for Cassons to speak at the Advice to Counsel seminar for the Northern Circuit and have always been very impressed by the advice they give to the pupils, so they were my first choice."

    Graham Wells

    "The service I receive from Cassons is 10 times better than that from my previous London accountants."

    Shaman Kapoor

    "Cassons always organise my finances no matter how disorganised they are when I pass them over!"

    Ruth Stockley

    "I can earn much more money in the time it would take me to sort out my accounts than I pay Cassons to look after it all for me. And it is much less frustrating."

    Doug Cooper

    "I like the fact that I always speak to the same people about my affairs and that I don’t have to keep explaining any history."

    David Hoffman

    "Cassons were able to arrange my first mortgage based on my projected earnings as I was in my first year and I had no accounts!"

    Louise Santamera