switching accountants

  1. Write

    You need to write a letter to your existing accountant explaining that you want to move elsewhere. We've put together a template letter.

    Download the template

  2. Send

    Send the letter to your current accountant with a copy to us and we'll do the rest!

  3. Validate

    We'll carry out our Anti Money Laundering process.

Meet Claire

Claire will ensure that everything happens as smoothly as possible.

She will liaise with your present accountant, making sure that we have everything that we need and then she'll set up all your new records. On an ongoing basis you are likely to speak to Claire fairly regularly as she will organise your bookkeeping, process your VAT returns and maintain your accounting records.

What happens next?

We will deal with your affairs without any interruption

As soon as we receive your copy letter to your present accountant we will send you a form which needs to be completed and returned. To meet money laundering regulations we will obtain proof of your identity and address from the Bar Council.

We will liaise with your present accountant and arrange for all your transfer information to be sent to us so that we can start to deal with your affairs without any interruption.

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