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Silk Lite is a combination of your time plus our time and resources. We will provide you with access to Xero cloud based accounting software (free of charge!) which will make it very simple and straightforward for you to complete your own bookkeeping and VAT returns. You can email us your records and we’ll use them to prepare your accounts and tax return. We’ll also give help and advice about your tax planning opportunities.

Of course you will still have access to our additional services such as tax forecasting and personal financial planning (through Cassons Financial Planning Limited) which includes advice on pensions, investments. Some additional costs may be incurred, but we will tell you in advance.

silk lite features

  • Year end accounts
    We will prepare your annual accounts within 60 days of receiving the information from you.
  • Tax planning review 
    Once we have completed your accounts and calculated your tax liabilities, we will carry out a comprehensive review of your tax planning options, looking to mitigate or defer your tax bill.
  • Tax payment dates and reminders 
    We will help you to keep track of the key dates for taxation purposes during the year.
  • Tax return 
    We will complete your tax return promptly upon receiving any additional information required.
  • Ad hoc advice 
    We will discuss with you and provide initial advice on events that occur from time to time in your professional and personal life. 
  • Accounts and tax discussion 
    We will discuss your completed accounts with you and explain your tax liabilities each year.
  • docSAFE
    We’ll send confidential information to you electronically via docSAFE which is a secure client portal facility.  Your documents will be accessible via mobile devices as well as PCs.
  • Cassons Tax Investigation Service
    You will be signed up for Cassons TIS which allows us to make a claim against our insurance policy in respect of our fees incurred in defending you if you are subject to certain tax enquiries.
  • Xero accounting software 
    We will provide you with access to Xero cloud based accounting software which will make it very simple for you to complete your own bookkeeping and VAT returns. You can read more about Xero here
  • Personal financial planning
    We will discuss your overall personal financial planning so that you can consider a coordinated approach to your finances. This includes your pension, other investments, mortgage, income protection, and life assurance. This service is provided through Cassons Financial Planning Limited.

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