How to submit a VAT return online

How to Submit a VAT Return Online

Once you have registered and enrolled for the VAT Online service, you can submit any VAT returns that are due using the HMRC VAT Online service.

Find the link on or go to Enter your Government Gateway User ID and password to login. From the ‘Your HMRC services’ screen, select ‘Submit a VAT return’ then select the period you wish to submit a return for. If you have only one return open, the screen should look like this:

The screen used to enter your VAT figures looks like this:

Enter the figures you have prepared for your VAT return on the screen then click Next. The amount of VAT to be paid will be calculated for you on the next screen.

Special care must be taken when entering figures if you are on the Flat Rate Scheme for VAT as it is different to filling in a return using standard accounting, even though the boxes on the screen are the same.

Once you have checked your figures are correct, click Submit and you will receive a confirmation on screen that your return has been submitted. For security, you will be asked to re-enter your login and password.

See also "How do I register for Online VAT returns?".


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