Run your practice on the go

The great thing about Xero is the flexibility it gives you – you can access your information at anytime, anywhere in the world and more importantly, on any device. The Xero app makes it easy to run your practice on the go.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could set up your office wherever you are, capturing your expenses as you go and sending invoices on the job? With the Xero app, you can do exactly that.

Reconcile your bank transactions at anytime

Always on the go? You can reconcile through the Xero app. Start your day knowing exactly where you stand, whether you’re on a train, working on the other side of the world or in meetings for the day.

Capture and approve expenses on the go

Don’t make recording expenses that chore you dread one weekend a month. With the Xero app, you can record your expenses whilst you’re out and about, and then upload them straight to Xero through the app.

Invoice on the job

Get paid faster – you don’t need to be at a computer to send your invoices, the Xero app allows you to invoice as soon as the job is done!

Store your contact details

All of your business contact details in your pocket. It’s easy to look up addresses, find phone numbers and add and edit contacts on the spot.

User Access

You can grant access to an unlimited number of users, for example your book/keeper or employees so they can raise invoices and claim expenses on the go too and it’s easy to control everyone’s level access, so they don’t see the rest of the financials either.


Great – it’s easy to download. Head to the app store on iOS or Google Play store on Android, type in Xero and download the app for free. Once it’s downloaded, enter your details and you’re good to go! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch at