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  • Make the Switch

    Making the switch to us is a very simple process. One letter from you is all it takes!

    More about switching accountants

  • On Your Feet


    Our dedicated package for new barristers, only £150

    On Your Feet

  • Silk Lite

    Silk Lite

    A cost-effective accounts package for progressing barristers, only £58 per month

    Silk Lite

  • Silk


    Our premium package for accounting and financial services as we’ll do everything for you! Only £120 per month


Our Manchester office has moved!

Manchester office move

Our Manchester office moved on Monday 11 June 2018

About Cassons

Our experience

We have been advising barristers on their financial affairs for over 40 years. You can be sure that whatever questions and challenges you may face in your career, we have seen and dealt with them successfully before. Our delighted clients are based across the UK - including London, Leeds, Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Preston and Manchester.

About Cassons

barrister incorporation

The Bar Standards Board regulates organisations owned and managed by barristers. We would be very happy to discuss incorporation with you and help you understand the impact it would have on your own circumstances. Please see our initial briefing here and contact us for a more detailed report.

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